Hunter Black Page 0353 – That Had To Hurt

In the interest of full disclosure: Jemith Jennaci was indeed inspired by Anna Nicole Smith. Inspiration aside, this is not about to turn into a commentary on celebrity culture or on reality television (both of which I generally despise). My brain just went in a weird direction as I was putting together this scene.

(That said, I did have a crush on her, early in her career, when it was all Playboy and Marilyn Monroe. That had long since faded away by the time I briefly met her, toward the end of her life.)

The name “Jennaci” is inspired by a friend’s D&D character, although we’ve never gamed together, and I whipped up “Jemith” solely for the alliteration.

(Not that you need to know all of this at the moment. She’s really just a blip on the radar right now.)

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