A Bad Day Remade

I’m not one to commemorate the anniversaries of bad things, but someone reminded me that today, February 8th, is the third anniversary of my dad’s passing. He never got to see one page of Hunter Black, which I know he would have gotten a kick out of. Not because he was the type to read such things, and he most certainly wasn’t, but because he’d have been impressed by the scope of the story and the size of the undertaking. He would have appreciated that.

Anyway, this could be a sad day…but no more, I think. You see, Jacob (our letterer and first fan) and his girlfriend are in the hospital right now, awaiting the birth of their first child. They were going to induce yesterday if the kid hadn’t come yet, but I think things were delayed with them and the admissions process enough that it won’t happen until today.

I don’t need to remember the day that my dad died, hands down the worst day of my life thus far. For some people, such things are important, but I remember my dad, and miss him, every day. I’d much rather this day be about something awesome…

…like the birth of Xander Bascle, geek-to-be. Congratulations Jacob and Katie!!!

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