Hunter Black Page 0008 – Betrayer’s Blood

I really wanted to call this comic “Betrayer’s Blood” rather than “Hunter Black.” I have a pretty bad track record with titles, though, so we went with the more benign title.

Skysteel is literally metallic ore that came to the known world by way of a meteor strike. It has some…interesting properties.

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Hunter Black Page 0009 – A Phantom “Friend”

Finally some dialogue! Sordon’s exclamation, “Vanassa’s Teats!” is a reference to one of the gods of our setting. In the words of our story bible: “She is called the goddess of love by some, the goddess of greed by others, and the goddess of wrath by still more. Those who look at the gods through a scholarly lens see her as the goddess of the soul. She is the goddess of love and hate, and of pleasure and pain.”

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Hunter Black Page 0011 – And Now…A Snitch

A confession, just because I got an email from one of my boys jokingly taking me to task. “Lencaldaria” is the name of one of the cities in Tolemar, the setting of the longest-running Dungeons & Dragons campaign I was ever in. I got permission from all of the DMs involved (I was one of three who DMed more than once) to use the name…and I’m not ashamed to admit that more names from D&D campaigns will be popping up here. Not all of them will be mine…

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