Hunter Black Page 1031 – SON OF A [REDACTED]!

This is the last page before Thanksgiving…so there are a couple of things worth saying here.

First, this has been a crazy year for Will and me, speaking strictly on a personal level. We’ve dealt with illnesses, with changes in our employment situations, with website ups and downs, with not enough D&D, and with MARRIAGE. Some of it we’ve done together, some separate…with the one constant having been that we have each other’s back. We were friends before we were partners, and we’ll be friends when Hunter Black is over and done with.

Secondly, we are grateful for you. We’ve been at this a long time now, and it’s gratifying that you all stick with us. We hope that we continue to entertain you guys and to be worthy of your continued attention.

Finally, as much as I hate doing it, I should tell you guys that our merch store, Raygun Tea Party, will have EVERYTHING on sale starting at 4pm (EST?) on Thanksgiving, and stuff will be on sale through Cyber Monday. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff available, Hunter Black and otherwise…if you have geeks in your life, ours isn’t the worst place to look for holiday gifts.

Have a safe and happy holiday. Eat too much.

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