Hunter Black Page 1120 – Just TRY To Keep A Low Profile

Hunter Black isn’t as self-reflective as one might wish; he’s what you might call single-minded. It doesn’t always occur to him that the things that he has done have repercussions on the wider world, or that his name might be attached to them…or how that name recognition mind hinder his efforts going forward.

Interesting how Hunter gets all the blame for killing two of The Thirteen…Jasoom was there, and helping, on both occasions. It’s safe to say that Hunter would not have won the day against Castigan or Zezem the Cruel without assistance from Jasoom (and Cal-Tir).

EDIT: Apologies for the lateness of this page! (Only ten hours, but still…) I’m not sure what happened. I scheduled the posting, but it just didn’t go up, and when I dug into the site, it just said “SCHEDULE MISSED.” [REDACTED] happens, I guess!

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