Hunter Black Page 0145 – …Going To Hell Alone

One of the great pleasures of writing fiction is putting your characters through the wringer. (I learned that from reading Greg Rucka, by the way.) I want Hunter to suffer as only John McClane suffers, I want Die Hard levels of suffering. Hell, Hunter’s even wearing a wife-beater. (I actually find the term “wife-beater” pretty foul…but it’s also very evocative. “Tank top” just doesn’t sound right to me anymore.) I know Will loves it, but if I had my druthers, Hunter would not be stabbing Jobo in the foot. But the Revenger is one big honking sword. It’s totally useless for close fighting. Note the sound effects, that might be easy to miss, in Panel Two. Jobo is stabbing Hunter over and over and over again.

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