Hunter Black Page 0173 – Straight To The Headsman, But…

I write this as I see this page for the first time. This is our first time showing you Gorgorian, the Hell Pyramid. This mighty prison is a series of mines, built into the earth. Kur and Kavenassa, the two main continents of the setting, once were one. They were separated in the Sundering, when the gods dropped a star onto the earth. Well, it wasn’t a star as much as it was a meteor, and the ore of the meteor, once known as magesteel and only available in the tiniest of quantities, is now known as SKYSTEEL. Skysteel holds enchantment better and more completely than any earthly element. Gorgorian is very close to the site of the Sundering, where the Skysteel has become a part of the land.

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