Hunter Black Page 0198 – Religious Intolerance

Am I the only one who sees shades of Scott McDaniel’s work in this? The first time I saw this page, I thought I was reading an issue of Nightwing from the 90s. Nightwing from the 90s remains one of my favorite mainstream comics ever, so that’s high praise coming from me. This is another example of Will going in a different direction from what I wrote, and making it a little better. My script would have had this image mid-punch, but I think we would have lost Vaj in his maniacally flexing glory. (And I love that dead eye.) Vaj is named for a character that a buddy of mine played…also in the 90s, now that I think about it. This was 2nd Edition D&D in full effect. There’s a reason I chose this name, a reason I’ll illuminate later.

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