Hunter Black Page 0349 – Guaranteed.

I love our splash pages. Will’s work is always at its best when it has room to breathe. I try to squeeze splash pages in every so often, and I have to be careful that I don’t overdo them, or they’ll become passé.

Also, we’ve never actually shown The Guarantee in action, although we do have that aftermath shot of Space Pope Henton IV, but that’s not quite the same. The Guarantee is one of the those things that readers seem to remember, which is fun, because we don’t reference it that often in the comic itself.

Also, what’s up with the guys in cloaks and breastplates? In the script, I literally describe the other people in the room as “unimportant.” The fact that they’re in a uniform piques my interest, however. You’re probably gonna see these outfits again, for exactly that reason.

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