Hunter Black Page 0351- What Do You THINK He Did?

Today’s page was one of those moments that I love as a writer. It wasn’t something that we planned ahead of time, this isn’t in my notes at all. This is the magic that remains in scripting, even when you have all of your story beats planned out.

I never get into TOO many specifics when I plot story. I let character decide how the beats will go on a large scale, I plot out a story, and then I script. And in scripting, I return to character to determine how scenes are going to play out. Every once in a blue moon, this backs me into a corner, when I come to the realization that character developments on the meta level aren’t the same as they are in the scene. But that’s rare.

Hunter’s a hard ass, and he WAS a pro. He’d never spill on a client, not willingly. How would the greatest necromancer who ever lived get him to talk? (Heh heh heh.)

I’m also pleased by this because I feel like it set up a real page-turning moment. I’m every bit as happy now as I was miserable a week ago when I felt like I was dragging my feet. Ah, the many mixed blessings of writing comics.

So…what do you think of the death of Hunter Black? Did Will make it sing or what?

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