Hunter Black Page 0367 – Oh Shut Up

A few weeks ago, when I wrote this page, I tweeted my confidence that this was going to be an awesome page. I feel completely validated. This is bit of a departure for Hunter lately…he’s been going into every combat fueled by rage, but here, he’s simply annoyed.

The above said, as I set up these pages, I find myself wondering: Do we overdo it with these splash pages? When you only get three pages a week, do the splash pages make you feel like you’re getting less story?

Speaking for myself, as I conceive things, this is a visual medium, and our trump card in this medium is the splash page. Sometimes, you want me pushing things forward through dialogue, but I always see dialogue as set up and action pieces as pay off. I also think that the biggest pay off comes in the form of splashes. But I could be wrong; I’m certainly not approaching this from the standpoint of a reader.

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