Hunter Black Page 0369 – Long Live The King

This is a surprisingly appropriate page to post today. (Well, yesterday, as you’re reading this. But I’m setting this up on Thursday.) August 28th would have been Jack Kirby’s 97th birthday. It’s impossible to overstate Kirby’s impact on the medium of comics; he didn’t just rewrite the language that we use to tell stories, he created a whole new language with which to do so. He is the William Shakespeare of the comics medium. Only Will Eisner, Stan Lee, and Siegel and Schuster can claim to breathe the same air as Kirby, as far as I’m concerned. Will straight up researched Kirby’s Fantastic Four in order to get Bashan’s body modifications just right…and I wasn’t referring to the FF in my script. I was referring to Street Fighter. Happy Birthday, your Highness. Long May You Reign.

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