Hunter Black Page 400 – I Knew You’d Cause Me Trouble

People have been suggesting to Hunter Black for…350 or so pages that Setheen the Witch could not possibly be authentic. What can I say? It’s not an easy thing to move Hunter off of the things in which he has chosen to believe. The Wizard Castigan, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is a character that I played in a horror campaign that Will ran a few years back, a 3.5 character. He was a multiclassed Artificer/Archivist, a blending of classes from the Eberron campaign and the Heroes of Horror supplement. (He had no particular facility with illusions or the like.) This is essentially what he looked like, although our Castigan is a bit more confident and urbane than my character was. MY Castigan was an old man who’d been emotionally scarred by a life of adventuring (he was low level because he’d been level drained during his career) and had become a bit of a coward. He memorably jumped out of a window once fleeing from a fight, rather than standing to wait for back up to arrive. He was a very different sort of character for me; I usually play characters cast in the Conan or Aragorn molds.

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