Hunter Black Page 0501 – Weakness Isn’t The Best Position

So…I had to do something a little differently on this page, mostly because Jacob, our lettering god, is almost TOO good at what he does. In the past, I’ve been content to put something like [SOMETHING MAGICAL!] or [SOMETHING FOREIGN!] when rendering speech in a language other than English (or “Common,” for you D&D heads). But Jacob wants to know how much he’s lettering and so on, so he was writing his own dialogue to translate into his fancy fonts. (Some of it was racy too!) That just made me feel bad, so I actually wrote dialogue that Jacob was able to transfer to Al’Dahani. Also, suffice it to say that Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze is casting something a little more potent than Cure Light Wounds. (No pun intended in that last panel, by the way.)

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