Hunter Black Page 0543 – Feeling It In His Bones

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE it when Bashan’s body markings go gold to indicate the use of his power. Also, lest there be any confusion, this is a flashback scene…Bashan hasn’t been underwater for weeks and weeks. Healing massive damage the likes of which Bashan has suffered stretches the boundaries of what the Human Divine can normally manage with their psycho-metabolic (to use the D&D term) powers…and it’s important to reinforce that not all members of the sect have such abilities. Only the most powerful adepts are able to manifest psionic abilities of this sort. (A note about process: Will has two sides to his creative personality. If we’d talked it out more, he might never have chosen to use the gold here, in order to differentiate between magic and psionics. But we didn’t so “this will look GREAT” trumped that sort of nit-picking…and I couldn’t be more pleased about that.)

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