R.I.P., Honored Elder

If you guys haven’t already, let out a good thought for the family of Len Wein. He was one of the true greats that somehow slipped through the weird cracks of the 70s. I mean, everyone talks about the Golden Age creators, and we all idolize the greats that ushered in the Modern Age, but the titans of the Silver Age are less heralded, which is unfortunate. This guy created Swamp Thing, without whom there would have been no Vertigo Comics, and the “New” X-Men, without whom there would be no modern comic book movie phenomenon. This guy created Wolverine! Oh, did I make you think of Alan Moore?…because he also edited what is widely considered the greatest comic story of all time: Watchmen.

He also lived in my neighborhood. I saw him a few times in the comic shop, and interacted with him once or twice. Another good friend of mine was really friendly with him, and she’s heartbroken. A massive loss in the world of comics, no doubt.

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