Hunter Black Site v2.1

Whoo, that’s big.

So…I’ve done lots of website work these past few weeks. I decided to start doing some freelance editing in addition to my freelance writing, and that decision made me realize that I needed a person website. Will and Jacob each have their own websites…what the hell have I been doing all this time?

I’m fairly incompetent when it comes to doing stuff on the Internet, but I dug in my heels, went to Wix, and gave it a whirl. I’m pleased with the results; it was MUCH easier that it would have been to build THIS site. While I was working on it, I figured what the hell, and put a store up there. I included the Hunter Black trade and the Hunter Black floppies that had only been available at conventions, and even the first issue of Rocket Queen and The Wrench, because I got a bunch of copies of that.

Today, it hit me that I have more of a Hunter Black store on MY site than we have here. The only thing we’ve had has been a link to buy the trade on Amazon. Still, I had and have no idea how to set up a store page on a WordPress site. But why bother? I have a store page on MY site!

So I added a button to Buy Books and Comics under the Shop Hunter Black tab on the main menu. That’ll take you right to the store page of my personal website…as will clicking the image above.

Getting all that done put a bug up my ass to do that stuff also inspired me to clean up the comic archives, which I just finished. Hopefully, everything is now in proper order and easy to browse. If you find anything weird or inconsistent ANYWHERE on the site, shoot me an email.

Anyway, that was a good day’s work. I hope it makes things a little better for you when you come to the site!

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