Paralysis By Overanalysis

This is the moment when I whine about being lucky enough to have too much to do. For the past week or so, almost no writing has gotten done. Not even Hunter Black, which is how I usually shake myself out of a funk.

I’m fortunate to be ahead of schedule on Hunter Black, so there’s no pressure there. I’ve always found Hunter Black easy to work on; I think it’s as simple as the fact that I KNOW I’m writing for an audience when I’m writing Hunter Black. I KNOW the work is getting out to people. The relatively elemental nature of the project helps too. There’s also no replacement for a creative partner who brings so much to the table in terms of INSANE IDEAS.

I’m currently working on a comic book series called Fallen. It’s not in any stores, but if you come across artist Chris Ehnot at a convention, he’ll gladly sell you the first issue. Fallen is harder for me to write than some other stuff, because there’s a strange disconnect when creating something that someone else created…and you’re working with the creator. It would be like writing Batman for Bob Kane to draw; there’s always a nagging feeling that you’re getting something wrong, whether you are or not. Anyway, I have some breathing room there. My next script isn’t due for a month and a half.

Rocket Queen and The Wrench just came out to generally positive reviews. (The big complaint is the lack of surprise…but I’m setting up something for you there, promise.) Part of job there is the wrangling of creators. (Finish coloring #2, Garry! Keep giving me pages for #3, Ramanda!) Like with Hunter Black, I’m safely ahead of the art team; I’m currently writing #5 (of 6). Still, it’s something that needs to be done.

The project that I MOST need to be working on is … as yet unannounced. Suffice it to say that this is the story that Will and I tried to work on BEFORE we started Hunter Black. We have officially signed Big & Tall Tales’ first artist (Will’s the freaking co-owner of the company and thus doesn’t count) and I’m super stoked to be working with him. (Also: He’s working on a Kickstarter for an original graphic novel. He’s tremendously talented and you should go kick him some cash.)

The other thing I MOST need to be working on is…as yet unannounceable. (Is that a word?) I’m working on a treatment for an animated feature that has a GREAT chance of being greenlit, and I have an equally GREAT chance of working on the script when the time comes. Could be a career-changer. But I know that my last swing brought about a few frowns and I’m waiting for coherent notes before I get back into it.

Also, I have a crap-ton of personal stuff that I’m wading through. My mental desktop is overstuffed.

So…yeah. Not a lot has gotten done of late. I really need to change that.

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