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If there’s one thing that you should know about me (Justin), it’s that I’m about as tech-savvy as your average potted plant. (The sad thing is, I’m WAY more tech-savvy than #Squirrel, which means she’s constantly expecting me to solve whatever WiFi or streaming issues that crop up…and I often fail to meet that expectation.) That’s a terrible quality in the writer of a webcomic, but I’m perfectly willing to defer to other, smarter people than me when it comes to technical issues.

Now, an inability to put a Hunter Black Mailer pop-up onto our site isn’t EXACTLY a “technical issue”…it’s more something that I want to add without knowing how. Now, I WILL eventually figure this out, even if “figuring it out” means “pay someone else to do it,” but in the meantime, we’ve started a weekly mailer for our fans. The mailer contains a lot of the stuff that we used to put in the blog section of the website, including a few process pieces, movie/TV reviews, and whatever else catches our fancy. I put in a quick recap of our last D&D session in the most recent installment. Next week, I’ll be reviewing both Aquaman, which I finally saw, and Hobbs & Shaw. I’m also considering statting something from the comic out for D&D. Who doesn’t want to sic a webwolf on their PCs? (I don’t know that it’ll be a webwolf, or even a monster at all.)

The mailer goes out every Friday, just once a week. We don’t want to flood your inboxes with crap, and besides, I have to find crap to write for every mailer. I’m not trying to do that more than once a week.

If you’re interested in signing up for the newsletter…I do NOT have a form ready for you. I DO have an email address, though. Just drop me an email saying you want to be signed up, and I’ll take care of it for you manually.

Thanks for reading!

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