Vote Like Your Life Depends On It


It’s been a while since we rolled out a new design at Raygun Tea Party. A huge part of that is that Will is SUPER busy right now between the comic and a bunch of commissioned work. (He’s available to do commissions, BTW. Hit him up!) But sometimes I get a design idea that doesn’t require illustrations, and Jacob and I can execute ideas like that. (Really, Jacob executes it. I just offer ideas and opinions.)

I usually don’t want to get too political with things, but Will, Jacob and I are all left-leaning progressive types, and the COVID-19 pandemic pretty much has us at our wits’ end. So we’re urging people to vote. Like you. You need to vote, each and every time you can. Vote for the big stuff and the small. Know who your down-ballot candidates are. Participate in the process, EVEN IF I DON’T AGREE WITH YOU. Inform yourself. An informed and participatory electorate makes the world a better place.

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