Hunter Black Page 1084 – Counting On The Element Of Surprise

The last time Hunter came smashing through a window in Riverwalk, they were ready for him. He’d been sloppy with Vermis Riid, who got word to the Ribbon that Hunter was coming. Hunter’s been a lot more judicious this time, asking questions about The Black Ribbon…all the while tracking Jada Nilthrex without ever mentioning her name. Whatever happens after Hunter bursts through that window, he HAS gotten better at this.

Also, he doesn’t exactly come off LESS like Batman on this page, does he?

(Confession time: I might have mentioned Batman ’66 in the script…but what I got has been way more late 80s/early 90s Norm Breyfogle [RIP] Batman…not that I’m complaining, because it’s awesome.)

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