Hunter Black Page 1144 – Qu’al Nedris

Just to be clear…Ghazi is the name of both a nation and a continent, kind of like Australia. Qu’al Nedris is a city in Ghazi, the port city where Hunter and Jasoom brought Cerulean Skies to make berth. It’s a place that remains largely unknown to the people of Kavenassa and Kur, but was “discovered” by the Sovran Twins after they escaped the Hell Pyramid years back. Since then, the Sovrans have rebuilt Double Heads, their criminal organization, into a formidable force, and now they’re trying to have a foothold in the underworlds of three continents. This is where the Black Ribbon has fled to, and where Hunter Black is pursuing her. (Hey! I don’t think I’ve ever done a recap here before!)

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