Hunter Black Page 1150 – Progress

This is how Hunter behaves when he’s trying to be a good friend. He thinks that by getting Jasoom to focus on the task at hand, never mind the fact that it’s Hunter’s task and not Jasoom’s, he’s taking Jasoom’s mind off of the situation with Cal-Tir. Hunter would never wade into Jasoom’s drama by choice; that’s just not in his nature.

You guys might know that I am something of a Luddite. I’ve never been one to try to do anything technical. I simply don’t have the background. I never got into programming back in the day (I’m old, so I’m talking Basic and FORTRAN and stuff like that), and I certainly don’t know anything about anything now. So you can imagine the immense pride I take in having figured out how to put a little bar to subscribe to the Hunter Black Mailer on our home page. I experimented with a couple of different locations on the home page, most of which really [REDACTED] with the site’s look, but I finally tucked it into an unobtrusive spot under the sliders and near the latest blog posts; you’ll spot it easily if you go looking for it. I also managed to add it to the sidebar that appears when you’re in our page archives.

Let me emphasize, THIS WAS EXTREMELY EASY TO DO. It only involved cutting and pasting the relevant code from one site to another. I’m just brave enough to try that in WordPress, and after a little trial and error, it was done. Nonetheless, I am strutting around my apartment like a peacock. #Squirrel has made sure to appear to be as unimpressed as possible, but I can tell it’s making her feel all marital towards me.

I say all of this to say, subscribe to the mailer. I did all that work. I think you’ll like it.

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