Hunter Black Page 1151 – Not The Right Question

Some times it’s the little things that I like on one of Will’s pages, and that’s the case today. I love the look of the magical effect in Panel Three, the anticipatory expression on Jasoom’s face in Panel Two. I like the composition trick of having Hunter on the left side of the page and Jasoom on the right, no matter the panel. I like Jacob’s SFX in Panel Two. I even like my own touch, Hunter’s caption in Panel Two. I mean, this isn’t what one would describe as a “special” page, but I just really LIKE it. YMMV, but to me, this is a page that says we’re working well together, that all the pieces in our collaboration just fit. That’s a good feeling.

REMINDER: #Squirrel and I are going to be at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend! Artist Alley Booth #1010! Come and say hi!

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