Hunter Black Page 0120 – The Great and Grand Tourney

There is an element of “What Have They Not Yet Seen?” involved when I start writing a new scene. Enough people have made comments about the world-building in Hunter Black to make me realize that it’s something that we can never ignore. Now, I don’t give it TOO much attention; nothing worse than taking something that used to happen naturally and FORCING it. But adding a sense of “something new” is a big key to how we approach this story. It gives Will, as much as the readers, something new to capture his attention and if he’s interested in that something new, he does a great job of making sure you are too. “The Sundering” is a reference to a divine event, when a star fell from the heavens and smashed the world, dividing one continent into two. This star is where “Skysteel” comes from.

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