Hunter Black Page 0157 – A Thousand Words

This page represents something of a departure for us. This is the first page that we did “Marvel” style. Rather than me choreographing the fight scene here out for Will to draw, I kinda gave him his head. All I said was, “Here’s how I want this to end up.” This presented a challenge that Will was genuinely not prepared for. Usually, I give him a basis from which to start, which is at the very least a panel description that he decides he doesn’t like. But this is relatively new for him, at least in terms of comics. In fact, as I write this, I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN THE PAGE. I trust Will so much, you have no idea. And he and I know that if we need to change something down the line, we we will; these stories are intended to be eventually collected and bound. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this as much as you are. Heck, many of you might see the page before I do…

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