Hunter Black Page 0253 – No Matter What

Obviously, the name Jada Nilthrex has struck a chord with Hunter…he knows the name. We’ll reveal more about her later, but suffice it to say that she is extremely dangerous in ways that The Cur and The Ribbon are not. Nilthrex was the name of a friend’s short-lived D&D character in high school. (Not that he died, it was just one of those quickly started and quickly dropped D&D campaigns. I couldn’t even say who or what I was playing then.) Anyway, one word that could be used to describe this friend might be “macho.” So our DM cooked up the notion of giving him a girdle of giant strength that was also a girdle of masculinity/femininity. Basically, Nilthrex became Nilthrexia. My buddy handled it like a champ, to his credit…we expected him to be more pissed off about it. (Probably a sign that he was actually more evolved than we were.) Anyway, I thought that the name was appropriate for this particular gal, and I added Jada to make it a woman’s name. (“Nilthrexia” was a pretty stupid name.)

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