Hunter Black Page 0270 – Sic ‘Em!

Remember how I mentioned a D&D character of mine for whom Jasoom Badrali was named? He was a sha’ir, a class introduced in the al-Qadim campaign setting. Basically, they were spellcasters who acquired spells via minor djinn that went and found the spells for them. That same friend who still calls me Jasoom Badrali played the quintessential sha’ir in our campaign. His character was named Al’Dahan, a name I’ve already appropriated for the pointy-eared dudes we met in Iosephus’ store in back in Book One. His djinn was named…you guessed it Cal-Tir. Cal-Tir was nothing like this little spider-monkey dude, physically speaking. Heck, I think Cal-Tir was FEMALE. Anyway, that’s where these names come from. So, if Lando Calrissian was a 2nd Edition sha-ir…he’d be Jasoom Badrali.

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