Hunter Black Page 0429 – The Man Who Killed You

Man, I feel like I have so much that got skipped because of my move. The last few pages were definitely pages about which I had something to say. “St. Rivus” is reference to a character, who was NOT a saint, played by a friend. He had a memorable line of dialogue in a short-lived campaign I ran. Belrak was the name of a character another friend played, and I’ve been wanting to shout out to him for a while. Of all of my friends, he’s the most vocally supportive of Hunter Black. The city of Kneebone comes from a legend that says that the Wyrmspires are ACTUAL dragons that have been turned to stone. The name Volux comes from a canine companion one of my characters had back in the day. There was also a discussion to be had about how Jacob and I go over dialogue sometimes, but that’s too much for a catch-up post. Anyway, how about this page? Will’s on fire lately.

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