So yesterday, I did my normal Wednesday thing. I got myself some breakfast disguised as lunch and sat down to watch the previous night’s episode of The Flash. (I usually watch it twice a week, once by myself and then again with #Squirrel.) After I’ve watched it, I usually head over to to read Rob Bricken’s review of the episode, and then I’ll scroll around on io9 to see if there’s anything else interesting…and yesterday, there was.

io9 review

We had NO IDEA that this was happening. None whatsoever. I’d tried in vain to catch io9’s eye for a review YEARS before. (Turns out that it’s much harder to get a review from a major geek news outlet than you might think.) When I saw it, my stomach plummeted down into my manly parts. I was so caught off-guard, I didn’t know what to think. I felt as though I’d shown up to audit a class…and ended up having to take a final.

The review is…simple. It summarizes the comic’s premise and then ends with a paragraph saying that there’s more to the comic than the premise promises. It basically says that we’re fun and cool. It’s a nice little review. Taken by itself, it’s no big deal.

But you can’t take it by itself, because io9 is a HUGE site. Yesterday, we basically got twice as many hits as we’d EVER gotten before. Twice as much as our BEST day is 4-5 times as much as our typical day. And that was with the review having been up for less than 12 hours. Today is threatening to set another new high, it isn’t even noon yet (in L.A.) and we’re rubbing up against our old record already.

To any new reader who has gotten this far in this blog post, THANK YOU for reading! We appreciate your time and your eyeballs so much. We hope that you like what you’ve seen so far, and we have a LOT more to come, so we hope you’ll stick around.

And many, many thanks to Lauren Davis and I know that they’re just doing what they do, but they probably at least doubled our audience (we’ll see once the dust settles), and that’s huge.


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