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I’m the biggest Star Wars fan I know, so I feel an obligation to record my feelings after seeing the teaser for Episode VII.

The BAD: J.J. Abrams’ need to make “cool” trump “sense” rears its ugly head in form of the Claymore lightsaber. Make no mistake, that thing LOOKS bad-ass, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the film. I now feel like I can look forward to the Enterprise rising up out of the ocean, the first moment that snapped me out of the film in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Also, the words: “December 2015.” That seems like such a long time from now.

The GOOD: Just about everything else. Seeing John Boyega FIRST warmed my heart. The feeling that the leads are a black male and a woman is a good one. I would’ve been perfectly happy if that WASN’T the case, but the fact that it is adds just a soupçon (thank you, Jon Stewart, for adding this word to my personal lexicon) of awesome for viewers like me.

The design sense other than that damn lightsaber was on point. A few people are complaining about the “cute” rolling (what appears to be an) astromech droid, but Star Wars has embraced cuteness and children from the very beginning. After all, R2-D2 is, along with C-3PO, literally the first character introduced in the first film. I loved that. I loved the utilitarian design of the Fudgesicle speeder. I LOVED the shot of the modified X-Wings racing over the water.

But most of all, I loved seeing the Millennium Falcon once again. I’m not ashamed of the goosebumps I got seeing that shot, nor am I ashamed of the tears that slipped from my eyes. I WAS SO HAPPY in that moment.

Solid B+. It hasn’t allayed my fears…but it has bolstered my hopes.

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