This is a GREAT time to become a Patron…


Man, I just finished writing a pretty thorough commentary on the upcoming week’s pages and I have to say, I’m extremely pleased with the work that Will, Jacob, and I have been doing lately. Very rarely over the last ten years have I thought that we were setting a new bar for ourselves in terms of quality, but I think we’re doing that right now. It’s strange because I don’t think that we’ve ever been busier in terms of non-Hunter Black work…you’d think we’d be stretched creatively thin, but no. Hell, yesterday, Will did a livestream as he made a unique piece of art work

Anyway, this commentary that I just wrote is available exclusively to Hunter Black Patrons donating $5/month or more to the cause; I do that every Sunday. The livestream, for $10 Patrons, happens every month. Those Patrons already have access to the upcoming week’s pages; as I type this, I’ll bet money that one or two of them have actually already read them.  That makes this a good time to become a Patron yourself. Every little bit we get from our Patrons moves us closer to doing this full-time. It could be mean the difference between three pages a week and…more than three pages a week? #JustSaying

This is a great time to become a Patron. We’re gonna be doing this for years to go yet, so getting sneak peeks and unique access will be valuable for a while yet. Patreon provides a great place to learn more about our process, our plans, and even to communicate with us. We’d love to have you.

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