Hello, loyal readers of Hunter Black!

After quite a few weeks of hints and promises, Hunter Black‘s home has been renovated, and we hope you like it!

Visually, we weren’t looking to change the entire world; we liked our old color scheme and we don’t want the site’s visuals to clash with or distract from the pages of the comic itself. We like how the look came out…we feel like it just looks more professional.

Speaking of visuals, if you haven’t already, please go to the “Latest From Hunter Black Comics” slider and check out the pages. MAN, I am in love with the new, considerably larger page size. As far as I’m concerned, the pages pop a lot more, and Will’s artwork really gets a chance to shine. I have to tell you guys, after working on this for so long, and seeing those big-ass pages for so long, I was starting to hate the look of the old site. The old pages just look dinky to me now. When I say “old pages,” I only mean the pages on the old version of the site; we went through and updated EVERY SINGLE PAGE to the larger format…and we have close to a thousand pages. That took a long time, let me tell you.

The old Archive format is gone, and we’ve reduced the number of buttons on the page. Each comic page has simply a “next page” and a “previous page” button…but there’s also a “COMICS” tab at the top of each page, which breaks the comic down by chapter, and then each chapter is broken down by page, complete with a thumbnail. Once you get used to it, it’s VERY easy.

The main page graces us with the BIG SLIDER. The BIG SLIDER gives you everything you need: access to the latest page, access to the FIRST page, access to our Amazon.com page (where you can buy the trade paperback), a link to Raygun Tea Party (our merchandise site on TeePublic), and a link to our Fan Group on Facebook. If you want to support the comic, there are buttons to get to our Patreon page EVERYWHERE.

(Uncrossed “T’s”: We’re still having minor URL issues, but those will soon be straightened out, and the SHOP tab at the top of each page is broken…we’re not doing any merch sales on the site itself anymore. But these issues will be ironed out in relatively short order.)

We really hope you guys like this as much as we do…we’re SUPER excited about it.

Welcome to the new Hunter Black!

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