Fan Art – Tauhid Bondia

Let me preface this by saying that we don’t take a single fan for granted. Ours has always been something of a small fanbase, so everyone that feels compelled to read our comic, to share it with others, or to do work inspired by our little tale of hard-boiled fantasy, is important to us. But we get a special kick out of receiving praise from people whose work we follow as fans.

Tauhid Bondia, the cartoonist behind the amazing A Problem Like Jamal, is one of those people. APLJ is what you get when Calvin and Hobbes has a love-child with The Boondocks…but then that love-child is left to be raised in the wilds of the internet and social media. If you guys are members of the Hunter Black Fan Group, you’ve probably seen us pimp this comic out A LOT. (Hey, I like what I like…)

This sketch is too much. The oversized upper body, the massive Revenger, THAT NOSE…

…this made my whole day.

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