Hunter Black Page 1093 – They Want To Leave The Game

You know, I don’t know what it was that made me put Jusadva Golbrith and Jada Nilthrex together. It just…felt right. The issue of Jusadva is probably the only time I’ve ever REALLY used what I would call a “sensitivity reader” (in this case, it was the estimable Carrie Tupper of Kamikaze fame). Her suggestion that maybe it didn’t make sense for Sordon’s daughter to be in love with his killer led me to this whole thing. I mean, I always wanted Jusadva to give birth to Hunter’s kids, but it wasn’t always with the goal of bringing back Sordon. (We won’t go into WHY I needed that particular plot point.) Suddenly, I wracked my brain with how to make all of this work and make sense, and all of this, including bringing Sordon back from the dead, is what came out of it. It changed the course of the entire comic.

Once we DID put them together, having them want to get married was only a short hop.

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