Hunter Black Page 0267 – Let ME Worry About That

I have plenty to say today. First and most importantly, we’re a week into our new posting schedule and our worlds have not ended. As we get further and further away from the holidays, our lives should get easier for a while, so all seems well on that front. Second, this page indicates that Will has won an argument that I don’t even think we knew we were having. There is a map of The Known World in the first panel, showing the continental landmasses Kavenassa and Kur. In my mind, Kur was off of the SE tip of Kavenassa, but I guess in Will’s mind it was off of the SW tip. Now, I’m thinking that Weyland’s Bay is in the NE instead of the NW, where I had planned it to be. Thirdly, this is the first real appearance of Jasoom Badrali, a character I created for a D&D game more than 20 years ago. He’s one of those characters that I never got to play enough, and one of my closest friends still calls me “Jasoom Badrali” in a booming voice every chance he gets. I’m glad to use him here. Lastly, I don’t think we ever mention it in the comic, but the ship’s name is “The Unrepentant Rapscallion.”

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