Well, after almost two months of Live-Tweeting for #MCUandChill, my partners at @POPSKLpod and I have reached our first milestone. After watching The Avengers, we figured it was time to take a look back at what we’d seen so far and discuss themes, changes, and the overall execution of the chronological “Phase One.”

#MCUandChill is a fun exercise for us while we put the finishing touches on our second, soon-to-be-announced podcast series with Fanbase Press…watch this space for new on that front. In the meantime, click through the image above to listen to our first Marvel podcast, and join us tonight at 7pm PST on Twitter as we begin the second phase of #MCUandChill with our Live-Tweet of Iron Man 3! (Follow us at @POPSKLpod on Twitter, or me at @HunterBlackComX!)



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