Raygun Tea Party Sale!!!

Everything at our online store, Raygun Tea Party, is on sale, and just in time for my birthday! (My birthday is on Monday, the sale ends on Sunday!)

Raygun Tea Party is the only place to get Hunter Black merch, and in a variety of designs, styles, and items. Want a Hunter Black hoodie? It’s there and it’s 30% off. Want a Maliya Pel phone case? It’s there and it’s 30% off. Want a notebook emblazoned with the Hunter Black Guarantee? (You know, One In The Head, One In The Heart…) IT’S THERE AND IT’S 30% OFF!

We don’t just do Hunter Black stuff, either. You know much we talk about D&D…

(Dice not available for purchase.) (Because I keep them all for myself.) (Seriously.)

I’m just saying, you could buy yourself something cool, AT A DISCOUNT, and it’d be like you were getting me something for my birthday!

What more could anyone ask? — Lex Luthor


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