So one of my missions is to make being a Hunter Black Patron more attractive. Right now, it’s a pretty basic set up.

For $2/month, you get 2-3 wallpapers a year, plus whatever random goodies we decide to dole out.

For $5/month, you get the week’s pages as a PDF. There’s a Dropbox folder set up for the $5 Patrons, and I put the week’s PDF in that folder every Sunday (or occasionally Monday, if things are crazy).

Unfortunately, we’ve been sitting on the same number of Patrons for a while now, and I’d like to see what we should be doing to get more people invested.

Like I said, we do occasionally give the Patrons something interesting, an old piece of writing, some original funky artwork, or a piece of heretofore unseen Hunter Black planning material. The picture above is a screenshot of the script…Page One, in fact. We just gave the Patrons a PDF with a Hunter Black banner that Will put together, some of the earliest attempts that Jacob made at a logo, and the first 15 or so pages of the script.

I’d like to do stuff like this more often, but what I need is feedback. As a paying customer, what would you want from us that you don’t already get? What’s worth $5/month to you?

Thanks for your time, as always!

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